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Luxury Bhutan Tours

Located in the Himilayas, Bhutan is a Buddhist Kingdom. Due mainly to its isolation from the rest of the world, Bhutan has remained intact. Furthermore, what makes Bhutan one of the world's biggest attractions is the country's culture and traditions.

The Bhutanese are fascinating people. Their family structure is unlike any other in Asia. Inheritance matters for instance, are passed on to daughters as young men are expected to make their own way. Bhutanese cuisine consists of vegetables, dairy, pork, beef, chicken, and lamb.

If Bhutan is indeed in your list of places to visit in your life, then it's important to know when to visit Bhutan... Due mainly to its location, Bhutan is at its coldest between December and February. That said, the ideal time to visit Bhutan is beween October and beginning of December. The skies are clear and the air is fresh. Humidity begins to increase in May and the Monsoon Season is between June & September.

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