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Luxury Botswana Travel Packages

Like no place else on Earth is the best way to describe Botswana. One of its most amazing areas is the Okavango Delta where some of the world's most endangered wildlife roams free. Okavango Delta or Okavango Grasslands is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that covers an area of over 5 million acres. What makes this area particularly interesting is that unlike other deltas that pour out into a river or ocean, the Okavango is located inland and pours into the Kalahari Basin in the desert.

Botswana is also home of the The Kalahari Desert, which even though may not be the largest desert on the planet, it is the longest UNBROKEN stretch of sand on Earth! It is the sixth largest desert region in the world and it covers an area four times the size of the United Kingdom. The Kalahari is home to Wildebeest, Antelope, Jackals, Large Cats, Cobras, and various species of birds including Eagles, Hawks, and Owls. In addition to being the home of several species of wildlife, it is also home to natural resources such as Copper, Nickel, Coal, and Diamonds.

When it comes to camping, Botswana is like no other area in Africa. Camping in Botswana means being able to witness wildlife in Africa! You can fall asleep to elephants, hippos, and lions roaring. In Botswana you can feel as one with the land while camping on a luxury trip to Africa.

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