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Despite its economic difficulties and the events it endured throughout the 20th century, travelers will enjoy Cambodia. Cambodia's history alone is its chief attraction! The ancient temples of Angkor are not only a favorite to travelers, but also to Hollywood... Do Tomb Raider, City of Ghosts, and Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon ring a bell? All three movies appeared in Angkor; Tomb Raider had its scene in Ta Prohm, City of Ghosts was set in Phnom Penh, and Transformer 3 appeared in Angkor Wat. Two movies in particular that capture the essence of Campodia are The Killing Fields and Swimming to Cambodia. In fact, if you've never been to Cambodia and it's on your list of places to go, these are two movies you'd want to watch!

On a more realistic yet surreal matter, farmers' lives are constantly threatened with what is said to be between four and possibly six million land mines throughout Cambodia's countryside. Here's the realism, though... Over 40,000 Cambodians have lost their lives to these mines. If you're interested in making a difference, you can by way of The Landmine Relief Fund (LMRF), which is based here in the US. The fund was created in 2003 subsequent to learning that the mines could be deactivated with a stick and pliers. The person to thank for that discovery is Aki Ra who succeeded in deactivating the first of those mines and Bill Morse who heard about it and created the fund.

In addition to Cambodia's major site, Angkor, there are many other incredible things to see in CambodiaAlthough it has been said to be extinct, Cambodia's wild ox or The Kouprey (as it's referred to), is Cambodia's national animal, which Cambodia has denied being extinct... Part of the royal palace referred to as The Silver Pagoda houses a 290 pound golden buddha that's encrusted with over 9500 diamonds. The best way to see the Rainforest in Cambodia is either in the Elephant Mountains or Cardamom Mountains.

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