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Luxury China Travel Packages

Walking through Old Beijing can be a bit surreal, especially when you see senior women pushing rickety wooden carts filled with cabbage down the street like they did centuries ago. However, it can also be jarring to see a brand new BMW squeeze through those very same streets! China, by all accounts is one of the Top 5 oldest civilizations in the world, and its staggering rate of social transformation is only matched by the number of shopping malls popping up in its major cities.

In addition to being the planet's most populous country, China is also third in the world as it pertains to land mass. This brings us to population growth & economic prosperity, which China wins at in spades! China's cities are being transformed before our very eyes; Beijing and Shanghai have become two of the most dynamic cities in the world. The growth China is experiencing is an absolute result of its politics shifting from its old export-driven economy to a more consumer-driven one, and this makes it a fascinating time to visit China!

China's main attractions include The Great Wall, The Terracotta Warriors, Hong Kong, The Forbidden City, Ancient Music & Opera... Who does China appeal to? China appeals to the open-minded traveler who is interested in experiencing a culture that has existed for over 3600 years. However, warnings will have to be placed, especially for those travelers who have respiratory health issues as there are cities that are heavily polluted.

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