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Luxury Costa Rica Travel Packages

Costa Rica touches travelers in many ways... It's the most biodiverse country anywhere, the land where eco-tourism was born. Most trips to Costa Rica take you from the Caribbean coast to Guanacaste on the Pacific shore and include Manuel Antonio Park, Arenal Volcano and Tortuguero national Park renowned as a breeding ground for sea turtles. You'll see toucans, orchids, river otters, monkeys and more. Stay in luxury hotels and if you'd like, go on jungle walks, ride ziplines, go whitewater rafting, or just enjoy the luxury beaches.

Located where only 75 miles separates the Pacific Ocean from the Caribbean Ocean, Costa Rica can be found nestled in the narrowest spot of Central America between the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Ocean. There's been a large boom of hotels being built in Costa Rica throughout the last decade due mainly to the growing number of travelers visinting the small country. Although this means there's been deforestation, 25% of Costa Rica's land has been set aside in protected areas. As a result, Costa Rica has earned the reputation as a leader in ecological conservation.

If you're one of the many who enjoys exotic plants and animals; if you enjoy participating in outdoor activites and being a part of nature, then you will get the most out of Costa Rica!

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