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Luxury Egypt Travel Packages

For thousands of years travelers have been amazed with Egypt's ancient past! Visiting Egypt today may consist of not only marveling at the monuments lining up the Nile Valley, a luxury itinerary of Egypt can also include a modern-day twist of diving into the Red Sea, trekking through the desert, or visiting to the Sinai Peninsula where you can catch the mountains go from purple to red during sunrise, then orange to yellow.

Although Egypt is mostly comprised of desert, 95% of Egypt's population lives within a short distance of the Nile River's banks. The Nile River, which empties into the Mediterranean, flows from south to north and not the other way. This initself brings up why Upper Egypt is south and Lower Egypt is north. In addition to being the second largest country in Africa, Egypt is by far the largest country in the Arab world. What blows everyone's mind is that Cairo is the largest populated (20 million) city in all of Africa!

Egypt's history spans as far back as 3050 BC when the first Pharaoh of Egypt (Narmer AKA Menes) brought all of upper and lower Egypt together in unity. What Narmer created was a country that would go unmatched for well over two millenniums, up until Alexander The Great's conquest, which resulted in Egypt being ruled by the Greeks for three centuries.

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