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Luxury England Travel Packages

With fifty two million inhabitants,England is by far the largest nation in the United Kingdom. England as you know, lies below Scotland, and east of Wales & Ireland. England is comprised of three regions: Northern England, its Midlands, and England's capital. In terms of landmarks, England has many; however, there are about a dozen major destinations that are included in most England travel packages.

The industrial Revolution is what comes to mind when thinking about England. England was at the center of converting raw material into manufactured goods. The machines or (actually) technology developed to convert these materials into goods consumers could purchase, was upstarted our modern economy. Without the Industrial Revolution, there would not have been the Information Age. Not just traveling with, but learning first hand from a luxury travel guide of how England part in starting the Industrial Revolution made London one of the financila center of Europe!

Luxury is relatively easy to find throughout England; however, one comnpany's definition of luxury may differ from another, which is why you can be assured the luxury travel companies you see here provide not watered down, but pure luxury for you and your traveling companion(s).

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