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Luxury France Travel Packages

One of the top destination known for its art, food, culture, and wine, France has it all in spades! Paris, Loire Valley, French Riviera, Provence, Champagne, French Alps, Brittany & Normandy.

  • Founded over 2100 years ago by the Roman Empire, Aix-en-Provence was meant for luxury. In addition to founding a Roman Colony in Arles in 46 BC, Julius Caesar founded a Roman Colony in Aix-en-Provence a year later. Thirty years later, the thermal baths you see today in ruins are the same ones developed thirty years subsequent to Caesar founding the colony. Today at Thermes Sextius Spa, you can literally enjoy the mineral-rich water the Romans used over two thousand years ago

  • The Cote d'Azur aka The French Riviera received its name from writer, Stephen Liegard who wrote La Cote d'azur in 1887. Even though there are some who believe the two to be different, there aren't any "official" boundaries. In fact, In her 1955 book entitled "The Talented Mr. Ripley", Patricia Highsmith describes the entire French Riviera to stretch from Toulon to the Italian border.

  • When you think of luxury travel, a few places tend to pop up, one of which is France. Whether you're taking a luxury vacation hubspoking between one major spot to many, or taking a full out luxury tour of France, or a river cruise of Southern France, France has access to any form of traveling in luxury.

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