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Luxury Germany Travel Packages

Luxury in itself is about knowing what you want; it's about being recognized as a traveler, not a tourist. As a luxury traveler, you've experienced a five star hotel property, it's now time to experience an overnight or two inside a medievel castle. Germany ranks as the most positively viewed nation in the world, which is another reason it would make for a distinctive luxury vacation.

Germany is known for so much more than eating strudels and sipping beer from a stein! Germany, in addition to being speckled with castles of old, is also known today as one of the leaders in cutting edge technology! Take Germany's state of the art rail system... When you think of new train technology, speed, length, and cost come to mind. However, Germany's train technology surpasses that of any rail technology in the world. Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) trains were initially built for Germany, but are now built and maintained in Japan by Siemens, which (you guessed it) was founded and based in Germany. So what will Germany be using in place of the Maglev Trains? Try Emmission- Free Hydrogen-Powered Trains that can travel 621 miles at a speed of 87 mph on one tank of hydrogen, not too shabby! Not only will it be ground-breaking, it will also be the first time diesel engine trains will be replaced by emission-free rail transportation world wide.

In addition to providing world changing technology, Germany also provides plenty of insightful moments inside any of its 6,000 plus museums. Admire the work of old masters inside Franfurt's Stadel Institute or learn about technology in Munich's Deutsches Museum. If it's city hopping you're looking to do, then Germany is where you want to be! Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Dresden, Leipzig, Heidelberg, Weimar, and Dusseldorf... Whether it's nightlife, the countryside, art, architecture, food, or history, Germany has it all.

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