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Luxury Greece Travel Packages

Known as "The Cradle of Western Civilization", Greece influenced the way we live today over 2500 years ago. Ancient Greeks developed democracy, made important discoveries in science, and ultimately explained the world via nature's laws. If you've traveled to Greece in the past, you would have noticed all the mountains surrounding the peninsula it sits upon... Farming under these rocky conditions was an impossible task, which is why they became fisherman instead.

Plato stepped onto the podium outside the Temple of Zues over three thousand years ago. You can still see the remains of that podium today. The Parthenon, which was dedicated to the Goddess Athena 437 B.C can still be experienced today in Athens. Greece is still alive and and very much accessible today as it was over two millennia ago.

Follow the footsteps of Jacque Cousteau to Santorini where he went searching for the lost city of Atlantis. In the Greek Isles you can submerge yourself in the culture and enjoy all there is to offer... Order a glass of Saganaki at a taverna and yell OPA with everyone as the cheese bursts in flames.

Greece has something to offer everyone... Whether you're looking for ancient history or a more modern twist, Greece has what you need in its people, waters, cliffs, islands, and food.

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