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Luxury Island Travel Packages

Focusing on one destination is one thing, but committing to one destination throughout the entire Caribbean, is quite another; it's a decision that can seem daunting. However, when focusing solely on luxury, that great big space shrinks. Here are a few luxury guideposts to help you find your luxury island:

    Dominica: Known for all its beautiful lakes, indigenous culture, rain forests, hiking, scuba diving, black sand beaches, and whale watching, Dominca looks more like Hawaiian islands than its Caribbean neighbors. Volcanic mountains rise over 4500 feet; there are over 300 rivers criss-crossing each other, and the hillsides are covered with amazing oceanic rainforests.

  • Jumby Bay Island, Antigua haracterized as being full of tropical foliage and pristine white beaches, Jumby Bay Island is a secluded, all-inclusive hideaway accessible only by boat from Antigua. Jumby Bay Island consists of only four and a half miles of pristine shoreline. The beaches are some of the most fiercely protected shorelines in the Caribbean. Jumby Bay Island is the least heard of destination that is legendary for giving discerning travelers with world-class service. There are resorts on islands and then there are islands with one all-inclusive resort. That's Jumby Bay Island.

  • St. Barts:
     One of the Caribbean's most precious gems has lied quietly in the French West Indies for celebrities and well-to-doers... For years the island has retained an air of exclusivity for the casual but chic style-conscious traveler. Gustavia, St. Barts' capital is still a favorite spot frequented by locals and visitors alike. St. Barts is not for the budget-minded traveler as luxury comes with a steep price tag, which brings us to accommodations... Whether you're a celebrity of someone that's well off, there are two resorts to look into: Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa and Cheval Blanc St Barth Isle de France.

  • St. Lucia:
     Black & White Sand Beaches, 19,000 Acres of Rain Forest, and A Steaming Sulfur Volcano are just some of the natural beauty St. Lucia possesses. Even with its recent influx of 5 Star properties, St. Lucia is still a great place for anyone who loves great beaches, beautiful scenery, and plenty of peace and quiet.

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