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Luxury Israel Tours

One of the many countries located on the Mediterranean, Israel has been deemed by many to be The Biblical Holy Land. Bordered by Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza Strip, Israel has had a long and complex history... In addition to being the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity, Israel has been inhabited for tens of thousands of years! During this time, Israel has been invaded, conquered, and rebuilt.

77% of Israel is made up of Jews and the rest is made up of: 16% Muslim, 4% Christian, and 2% Druze, who are of Arab descent. Israel's 10 major cities are:

  • Akko
  • Beer Sheva
  • Eilat
  • Haifa
  • Jerusalem
  • Nazareth
  • Rehovat
  • Safed
  • Tel Aviv, and...
  • Tiberias

Visa Restrictions

As of 2013, Israel no longer stamps passports upon arrival. Rather than stamp your passport, Israel issues a slip no bigger than a credit card. You must keep this slip on your person, especially when leaving Israel to visit another Middle Eastern country. Countries such as Jordan don't make a fuss about the slip; however, other countries like Syria will show you out with any sort of proof of you having visited Israel.

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