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Luxury Japan Travel Packages

Japan is a land rich in culture and traditions, but they also embrace the future.  There is a wealth of cultural and historical sites throughout Japan, combined with it's natural beauty, great shopping and entertainment options, make it a great vacation spot. Visitors can partake in such traditions such as flower arranging or the tea ceremony, and observe national pastimes ranging from Kabuki theater to Sumo wrestling. Museums are also great repositories for everything Japanese, from stunning artwork to folk items used in every day life.  If you want to see the typical classical Japanese architecture, visit one of the many buddhist temples.

From the fast-paced metropolitan streets of Tokyo to the tranquil temples and gardens of Kyoto, Japan offers a seamless blend of modern and traditional. Whether meditating alongside Buddhist monks high in the mountain temples of Mt. Koya or relaxing in the volcanic sand baths of Ibusuki, unique and immersive experiences lie around every corner. World renowned cuisine and unrivaled hospitality delight the senses and relax the spirit. Take a journey off the beaten path and discover all the unforgettable experiences you can find, only in Japan.

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