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Luxury Kenya Travel Packages

Kenya is not only known for being home to many different types of spectacular wildlife, but also to lakes, beaches, and the Great Rift Valley, which is said to have begun forming over twenty million years ago. So what's a rift? A rift is an opening made by way of splitting into something. In this case, it's a rift that's causing one tectonic plate to split into two! The Rift Valley is comprised of more than one rift that spans east to west 2200 kilometers (1,367 miles) and 30 to 120 kilometers (19 to 75 miles) wide. The two tectonic plates that are expected to completely split 10 million years from now are respectively named Somali Plate and Nubian Plate.

Like any other country in Africa, Kenya can be rewarding; however, it's not without its complications... Kenya is known to have an over abundance of visitors, which can be annoying, but believe it or not, the best way to visit Kenya is by way of an escorted Africa tour! Thereare a few choice luxury travel companies we would readily recommend, first of which is Micato followed by Abercrombie & Kent, Ker & Downey, Alexander & Roberts, and Travcoa. These companies provide the best experience as it pertains to navigating great distances and knowing where the animals are at any given time.

In addition to covering a great big chunk (over 226,000 miles) of eastern Africa, Kenya also sits right on the equator. Furthermore, the two great geographical features in Kenya are Lake Victoria, which is the largest fresh water lake in all of Africa and the Great Rift Valley. Afica has been occupied by Christian Missionaries, European Settlers, Arabs, Phoenicians, and Chinese. This mix of people throughout the years created the Swahili culture and language that exists today.

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