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Luxury Morocco Travel Packages

Seekers of the exotic have always been lured to the mosaic that is Morocco... Morocco is one of Africa's most popular destinations due to its multi-faceted setting that consists of both Atlantic and Mediterranean beaches, mountain villages, sand dunes, and spices! Due to the many activities and sites available, the combination can be overwhelming at times; however, the overwhelmingness can be avoided by knowing when to come and where to go. This is where a luxury tour of Morocco can be of assistance.

Tourism in Morocco is rising at the speed of light with luxurious resorts popping up in every major city. Golf courses are also a big attraction in Morocco. If you're already in Europe whether it be for business or pleasure, flights are very affordable from mostly any major city in Europe to Morocco.

Morocco's history can be traced back to 8000 BC when ancestors belonging to today's Berbers lived until they were invaded mostly due to their location. Morocco is located at the crossroads of Africa and Europe; it explains why Morocco was such a find to so many. There have been Six Arab and Berber Dynasties that have ruled over Morocco. The Alaouite Dynasty, who have been Morocco's Royal Family since 1664 are still in power today.

Lots of shopping, beaches, colorful markets, spicy cuisine are just some of Morocco's attractions... Morocco appeals to the more adventurous and experienced traveler. Traveling to Morocco can be done in total luxury, while still experiencing the hustle and bustle of soukes and markets. Be warned though that if you're easily offended by pushy vendors, Morocco may not be for you.

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