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Luxury Myanmar Travel Packages

Once known as Burma, Myanmar has two faces.. On one hand, Myanmar is dominated by active members of its military and on the other hand, it seems like something out of a dream! Despite the repression of its people, adventurous travelers who visit Myanmar will find Myanmar both memorable and haunting at the same time.

At about 800 AD, tribes from both China and Tibet migrated to Myanmar... The Myanmar people who inhabit the country today, are the descendents of those same tribes that migrated to Myanmar over 2,800 years ago. Although being devouts in Buddhism, which requires compassion and serenity, Myanmar has seen its share of brutality from its leaders... For example, it's been documented that tourist infrastructures such as roads and railways are built by way of forced labor.

If you love Asian architecture, Asian religion, ancient temples, and unique culture, Myanmar will most definitely appeal to you. However, if you're a traveler who must have five-star accommodations and/or worried about the political situation in Myanmar, then it may not be the place for you. Myanmar can be divided into two regions: The northern forest-mountain area and the southern flat delta... The country turns into a flood plain that stretches massively from the Andaman Sea to the Himilayan foothills during monsoon season.

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