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Luxury Singapore Travel Packages

At the mouth of the Singapore River stands a half-lion & half-fish merlion that didn't come from ancient lore, but by the Singapore Tourism Board in 1972. Singapore is a city that's as ingrained with the Confucian values of old as it is with the modern technology and architecture of today. One of Asia's most successful economic successes, Singapore has triumphantly fused a diverse old culture with high-tech industries.

Just marveling at Singapore's skyline, you can imagine how long Singapore has been at a crossroad between East and West. Some would say that Singapore presents the best of both hemispheres by combining the best of western tech with eastern order. This explains why Singapore is the most wired country in the region due to its desire to become the technology hub of Asia.

Singapore's main attractions include Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Museums, Festivals, Shopping, and Eating. If you're planning on visiting Singapore, compliment it with Malaysia or Indonesia, or both.

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