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Luxury Sri Lanka Tours

Famed by its diverse landscapes consisting of Rainforest, Dry Plains, and Beaches, Sri Lanka is an island nation located south of India.

Sri Lanka offers a bevy of opportunities to see and do all sorts of things! Despite its size, Sri Lanka is recognized as one of the five most biodiverse places on Earth... Of the 91 species of mammals in Sri Lanka, you can rest assured you'll see Elephants, Bears, Leopards, Buffaloes, and Sloths.

In addition to being home to ninety-one species of wildlife, Sri Lanka is also famous for all sorts of water sports! On the southern and eastern coasts of Sri Lanka, surfing has made a mark with some of the most world-renowned surfers visiting the island.

Before it was called Alternative Medicine, natural concoctions made up of roots, herbs, and spices were and still are the preferred method of wellness... Prior to the introduction of western medication, Sri Lankan medication consisted of meditation for mental health and Ayurveda (System of Indian medicine spanning thousands of years), which is still practiced today.

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