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Luxury Tahiti Travel Packages

Located 160 miles southeast of Bora Bora, is The Hub of French Polynesia. When traveling from the US to Australia and New Zealand, Tahiti is the perfect buffer point. The capital of French Polynesia will teach you the meaning of relaxation, and when you land in Papeete, make sure to spend at least two nights before heading on your journey to Australia and New Zealand.

There are a lot of activities to take advantage of in Tahiti... For instance, there are many museums throughout island, but the main ones are The Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands in Punaauia; The Gauguin Museum; The James Norman Hall Home, and The Robert Wan Pearl Musem. You can take a tour of Harrison W. Smith's Botanical Gardens, and be sure to make some time to ut loose with the locals.

One big advantage Tahiti has over other French Polynesian islands is its reliable and inexpensive form of transportation. Modern busses have replaced the old-fashioned wooden Le Truck.

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