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Known for offering something for everyone, Thailand has fabulous architecture, ancient ruins, beautiful islands, diverse villages, and excellent shopping! Thailand is indeed diverse with all sorts of creature comforts and exciting activities... You can either stay in a five star hotel or trek through jungles; Enjoy gourmet cuisine or purchase fruit from local vendors; Shop at flashy department stores or wander through outdoor markets. Thailand offers a mix of both modern flare and simpler times.

Thailand goes as far back as 3600 BC; however, its first true kingdom didn't come to be for another 4,838 years. As a result, the ensuing two hundred years were spent expanding the empire with Thais contributing towards their writing and Theravada Buddhism. This was known as the Sukhotai Period.

Thailand's western coast (which consists of certain provinces including Phang-Nga, Phuket, and Krabi) was devistated by tsunamis in 2004, but since then the area has fully recovered, and attracting hordes of visitors. Ever heard of The King and I? If so, there might be something you didn't know... Thais found the the rendition of one of their greatest kings to be offensive and condescending. Therefore, while you're visiting Thailand, we wouldn't advise you bringing it up, even if it's in a complimenting tone.

Thailand Factoids

The Bumblebee Bat, which is the world's smallest mammal weighing in at less than 2 grams lives in Thailand. Its main threat today are forest fires... The Siamese Cat known locally as the Wichien Maat are native to Thailand. It is said that if you were to gift a certain breed, let's say the "a Si Sawat Siamese" to a brand new bride, it would bless the marriage... The modern population of Siamese elephants is between 2,000 and 3,000. One hundred years ago there were over 100,000 in existence. Cause: Decades of Poaching... Last but not least, leaving your house without underwear is illegal!

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