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Luxury Uganda Travel Packages

Named one of the richest bird destinations in Africa due mainly to Lake Victoria, Uganda has become what is known today as a beacon of hope in East Africa. Forward progress is the norm as it pertains to bringing peace and updating tourist facilities, which has resulted in droves of travelers returning for more of Uganda! Snowcapped mountains, rolling green hills, massive rainforests and lakes are just a part of what makes Uganda the beautiful destination that it is. The other part are the mountain gorillas, that make Uganda their home. Uganda is home to half of the world's largest remaining, beautiful, and nearly extinct primates.

Uganda is also home to some of Africa's biggest attractions beginning with the Rwenzori mountains that border Uganda's west. These mountains were deemed a world heritage site in 1994 by UNESCO, and as a result the area was turned into a national park where over 1,000 species of wildlife including Mountain Gorillas live. Another great attraction located in Uganda is Lake Victoria, which is the third largest lake in the world with a maximum depth of 272 feet and an area of over 26,500 miles.

In a nutshell, Uganda appeals to the adventurer interested in wildlife. Uganda's highlight is most certainly a chance to see mountain gorillas up close and personal in their natural habitat. It is said that looking into the eyes of these gentle apes is an experience you'll soon never forget.

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