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Luxury Vietnam Travel Packages

Despite its past tragedies and conflicts, Vietnam is finally going through a rebirth with a booming economy and a rapidly developing touring infrastructure! Although, modern technology such as Internet cafes and cellphones are now ever-present throughout the capital and most villages, the Vietnamese people still need to till the rice fields with old-fashioned bullock ploughs. Even though, the pace of change can be a bit overwhelming for the older Vietnamese people, the support for the advances Vietnam is making. Tourism is most definitely helping Vietnam reach the wave of advancements it is currently experiencing.

Beautiful scenery, beaches, rich culture, courteous people, ancient temples, and wonderful cuisine that has been around for over 4,000 years are exactly what you should expect when visiting Vietnam. If you wish to be indulged and pampered, especially on their holidays, a handful of resorts have been built around Vietnam's most popular tourist hot spots.

Vietnam is filled with both Pagodas and Temples, but do you know the difference? Temples are built to memorialize historical figures such as kings, emperors, and generals; while Pagodas are dedicated to Buddha, Hindu Gods, and Avatars.

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